PYREN is among 37 Initiatives d’Excellence en Formation Innovante (IDEFI) funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

Its main concern is with the exchange of knowledge mobility for cross border superior education.

The Programm is managed by Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour thanks to a 2 million euros’ budget spanning 6 years.

For several years now, the University of Pau has been developing partnerships with Spanish universities…

… located on the other side of the border, particularly with the University of the Basque Country, the University of Zaragoza, and the Public University of Navarre.


The exchanges in the field of research are innumerable; several dual degrees were set up and agreements for joint supervision of thesis were signed, and each year more agreements are signed.


The program is incorporated within the framework of the development of a “cross-border campus” within the next 10 years. It gathers together 17 trainings of the UPPA. The PYREN program aims to develop collaboration in order to create an “euro-campus” in the cross-border zone.


The objective is to set up a network of trilingual and multidisciplinary Higher Education, which enables knowledge sharing, facilitates mobility, develops internships, and facilitates the entry into the professional world.


It is not just about boasting a set of trainings in a geographic area, but developing a real network in which students and professors will be able to move freely, and where trainings will incorporate the cross-border dimension gradually.

Therefore the program will concern all the fields of education as it will affect the identifiable hubs in such a way to preserve a good comprehensibility. It also should – and it is one of the main features – promote the internal multidisciplinary of the trainings.

Within this framework, the objective is to develop high-level disciplinary trainings that will correspond to an easily identifiable profile in the labour market and that will also present a multidisciplinary dimension conferring them an additional value.


The strengthening of this multidisciplinary dimension aims at adding complementary competences to trainings which already have a multidisciplinary core linked to a job. The way to get this objective done is to share specific teaching units, the content of which will have been designed taking into account the multidisciplinary dimension.


This program, which corresponds to one of the main strategic priorities for the UPPA, aims at rooting it in its territory creating an European, cross-border and trilingual university, with multidisciplinary trainings.


Some actions are also funded through local authorities : Regional Council of Aquitaine, General Council of Pyrénées Atlantiques, Conurbation of Pau Pyrénées.

Our team

Michel Braud
Head of the program
Vice President of the Academic Affairs and University Life Council (CFVU)
Estelle Scelso
Head of administration
Direction des enseignements et de la vie étudiante (DEVE)
Christina Lacasta
Administration and internships
Direction des enseignements et de la vie étudiante (DEVE)